S I G N  U P   T O  W A L K  O R  D O N A T E  N O W !

About AIDS Walk Orlando


Since 1995, AIDS Walk Orlando has raised more than $1 million to assist the Hope and Help Center of Central Florida, Inc. in the movement to end the HIV epidemic in Orlando, Florida.  AIDS Walk Orlando is community fundraiser event for people of all backgrounds to show how strong the human spirit is compared the impact of HIV.


Every year, hundreds of community members, businesses, and organizations join forces to walk in solidarity to: honor the lives of those who were lost due to complications of living with HIV/AIDS; raise awareness about modern HIV prevention and treatment options; and raise money that helps to offset the cost of HIV treatment for those in need.

Walk participants can expect to enjoy a fun-filled morning stroll around Orlando's beautiful Lake Eola Park and engage with the many vendors who lend their support to the cause of preventing HIV transmissions locally.  Anyone who is passionate about creating an HIV/AIDS-free Orlando should register as a walker, donate, vendor, sponsor, or volunteer.  Tell others what you're doing to support AIDS Walk Orlando on your social media by using #AIDSWALKORLANDO.

Lake Eola Park

Orlando, Florida

Team and Individual Walker Information


Preventing HIV transmissions in Orlando starts with you!  Thank you for taking this responsibility seriously and investing your time and resources to keep our home healthy.  As a Team or Individual Walker, you have the power to create significant awareness about the prevention and treatment of HIV in your spheres of influence.  The Walker Guide details important information about AIDS Walk Orlando and shows you how you can fundraise to the best of your ability.  Read the Walker Guide thoroughly and feel free to contact Hope & Help with any additional questions you may have.

The Registration Fee is $25 per person as an Individual Walker and for each Team Walker, unless a corporate sponsorship indicates otherwise.  The Top 5 Teams and Individual Walkers and the amount of funds they've raised are posted here daily to.  A little friendly competition goes a long way.  Will you or your team be number one?

Corporate Sponsorships

Is your company looking to make a strong impact in community health?  AIDS Walk Orlando is the perfect match to change the health outcomes for people at-risk for contracting HIV and for people with HIV, all while giving your company recognition for its efforts!  Hope & Help is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit health center that has spent over 30 years providing free HIV, Syphilis, and Hepatitis C testing, STI testing and treatment, case management for people with HIV, food assistance, and much more to ensure that all obstacles for patient care are removed.

Orlando ranks #2 in the nation for new HIV transmissions and Florida ranks #1 for new HIV and AIDS cases.  Hope & Help is doing its part to stop the spread of HIV/STIs through its free and low cost life-saving services.  Now, Hope & Help needs your support.  Join the movement!  We’re raising $75,000 for AIDS Walk Orlando 2020!  Help make it possible for Orlando to be HIV/STI-free.  Sponsor AIDS Walk Orlando today!  To learn more about Hope & Help and its health services, visit or call 407.645.2577.

iHeart Media Vendor Station


The business community plays a huge role in preventing HIV transmissions in Orlando.  Your investment in Hope & Help is an investment in your patrons’ health.  Hosting a Vendor Booth at the iHeart Media Vendor Station is a beneficial way of connecting with new customers and showing the community your company cares about their health and wellness.


Each year, hundreds of Walkers and spectators frequent the iHeart Vendor Station to learn about new products and services offered through our Vendors.  Sign up below to host a Vendor Booth at AIDS Walk Orlando.

S I G N  U P   T O  W A L K  O R  D O N A T E  N O W !

About Hope and Help

Hope & Help is a not-for-profit health organization and Medical Clinic, offering HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) and STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) testing, prevention, and treatment services.  Through its community based HIV and STI prevention and outreach programs, Hope & Help provides Free Rapid HIV, Syphilis, and Hepatitis C Testing at its primary location and throughout the community at a variety of health events.  Through the Medical Clinic, Hope & Help provides a full panel of STI testing and treatment options, a fee may apply for these services.

*Hope & Help is a registered not-for-profit organization with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.  A COPY OF THE OFFICIAL REGISTRATION AND FINANCIAL



Hope and Help offers free HIV/STD testing in Orlando, FL.

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